My name is Steve Hawker and I’ve become addicted to the study of leadership being already addicted to science fiction.

I’m currently reviewing my choice of school for my PhD. I’m really only considering schools in the UK that support distance learning. US schools don’t offer part-time programs and the PhD classes make the assumption that a business PhD is only interested in a career in academia. Of the UK schools, I like the look of Exeter, primarily because it has a center devoted to the study of leadership and it supports distance learning. Pretty cool for a school ranked #11 in THES.

My primary purpose of this blog is to help me coalesce my thoughts around leadership theories, when applied to the characters in certain science fiction television series. You may think that this is really just an excuse for me to watch Star Trek and get a PhD at the same time. And perhaps it is. But wouldn’t you like to know, once and for all, if Kirk was a better captain than Picard? You know you do.

In my leadership life I’ve been an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University teaching Leadership to undergrads. I took my MBA at the Jesuit University of Silicon Valley where I was introduced to Leadership Studies under then-Dean Barry Posner. So it’s not surprising that my work at the school is based on Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Challenge. I’m also a trained Leadership Challenge facilitator.

In my other life I’m a product marketing / business development consultant, primarily in the cellular industry. I’ve worked on projects for Verizon, AT&T, Motorola, Palm and Orange as well as host of other companies looking to bring their products to market.

I can be found on Twitter: @boldlyleading